Inventory Site Resources

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In addition to metadata stored about the Inventory System, Commerce Server also has inventory settings stored as site resources. Site resources are entities that provide functionality to a specific Commerce Server site. These settings can be viewed and modified through the Commerce Server Manager (see Figure 4-3). Inventory site resources override properties defined within the Inventory System metadata.
The inventory site resources include the following:
· Display Backordered Items. This resource is used to indicate whether or not backordered SKUs are displayed on the Web site. If the value is -1 (True), then backordered SKUs are displayed on the Web site, whereas a value of 0 (False) indicates that backordered SKUs are not displayed on the Web site.
· Display Out of Stock Items. This resource is used to indicate whether or not out-of-stock SKUs are displayed on the Web site. If the value is -1 (True), then out-of-stock SKUs are displayed on the Web site, whereas a value of 0 (False) indicates that out-of-stock SKUs are not displayed on the Web site.
· Display Preordered Items. This resource is used to indicate whether or not pre-ordered SKUs are displayed on the Web site. If the value is -1 (True), then pre-ordered SKUs are displayed on the Web site, whereas a value of 0 (False) indicates that pre-ordered SKUs are not displayed on the Web site.
· Ignore missing Skus. This resource is used to indicate whether products that are missing SKUs are treated as in stock or out-of-stock. A product or product variant may be missing a SKU if the inventory metadata has not yet been defined for the product or product variant. If the value is -1 (True), then products or product variants missing SKUs are treated as in stock, whereas a value of 0 (False) indicates that products or product variants missing SKUs are treated as out-of-stock.
· Inventory Database. This resource is used to store the inventory database connection string. This connection string must be unique across all Commerce Server sites.
· Record Inventory Deltas. This resource is used to indicate whether or not to record quantity decrements and increments when buyers purchase items or return items on the Web site. If the value is -1 (True), then increments and decrements are recorded, whereas a value of 0 (False) indicates increments and decrements are not recorded.
· Stock Handling. This resource is used to indicate whether or not there is special handling associated to SKUs. Special handling includes back-orders and pre-orders. A value of 0 (False) indicates that there is no special handling, and that SKUs cannot be back-ordered or pre-ordered. A value of 1 (True) indicates that there is special handling, and that SKUs can be back-ordered and pre-ordered. This setting overrides the Backorderable and Preorderable metadata settings associated with the Inventory System.
· Use stockout threshold for floor. This resource is used to indicate whether to use a global value for the stockout threshold or to identify the stockout threshold individually for each SKU. A value of 0 (False) indicates that the stockout threshold for all SKUs is overridden to be 0. A value of -1 (True) indicates that the stockout threshold defined for the SKU (i.e. the floor value) is used.
Figure 4-3
Figure 4-3 shows the Inventory System site resources that are modified through the Commerce Server Manager.
Determining the condition of the SKU is an important concept to understand. The condition of a SKU could be out-of-stock, in stock, back-ordered, or pre-ordered. Settings from both the Inventory System metadata, as well as Inventory Site Resources, are used in determining the condition of a SKU. This model is depicted in Figure 4-4.
Figure 4-4
The first aspect that is evaluated is whether or not the product catalog is mapped to an inventory catalog. If not, then the site resource setting for “Ignore missing Skus” is evaluated to see how the lack of an inventory catalog should be handled. If the value is false, then the SKU is considered to be in stock. If the value is true, then the SKU is considered to be out-of-stock. If the product catalog is mapped to an inventory catalog, then the “Stock Handling” resource setting is evaluated to see if special handling rules are applied.
If the “Stock Handling” value is false, then the SKU “Status” property is evaluated. If the status is disabled, then the SKU is considered out-of-stock. If the status is ignored, then the SKU is considered in stock. If the status is enabled, then the onhand quantity is compared to the effective stockout threshold. If the onhand quantity is greater than the effective stockout threshold, the SKU is considered in stock. If the onhand quantity is less than or equal to the effective stockout threshold, the SKU is considered out-of-stock.
If the “Stock Handling” resource setting is true, then the process is the same for the disabled and ignored statuses. If the status is enabled, then the special handling rules are evaluated. If the onhand quantity is greater than the effective stockout threshold, then the SKU is considered in stock. If the SKU is pre-orderable and the onhand quantity is greater than the effective stockout threshold and the pre-order limit, then the SKU is considered pre-orderable. If the SKU is back-ordered and the onhand quantity is greater than the effective stockout threshold, the pre-order limit, and the back-order limit, then the SKU is considered back-order. Otherwise, the SKU is considered out-of-stock.
This example serves as an excellent example of how the Inventory System metadata and site resources work together to manage inventory in Commerce Server. The various settings and configurations allow for a great deal of flexibility and control over how the Commerce Server inventory processes operate.
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Youtube Downloader PRO Cracked

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Shade Professional

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Shade 12 brings together advanced 3D modeling, rendering and animation into an integrated, flexible suite on Mac OS X and Windows. Use Shade as a complete, standalone tool set, or as a key design tool in your existing workflow. 32-bit and 64 bit hardware accelerated Shade with powerful ShadeGrid network rendering can scale easily to provide the fastest rendering possible.

Creating a model or a finished, rendered image or animation takes time. Every feature of Shade lets you work faster to produce high resolution, high quality art and animation. You can accomplish so many things with Shade:

1) Modeling for poly mesh, curved surfaces, boolean, meta blob objects, generate models from photos or illustrations

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3) Skin your models with multi-layered materials and unlimited maps, normal maps,displacement maps and more

4) Shade lighting supports IES data, HDR-based IBL lighting, volumetric lighting to create well lit, natural illumination

5) Render your scenes with breathtaking radiosity using multipass rendering, toon rendering or 3D stereoscopic images


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RemoXP | Software Complete

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Corel Draw Graphics Suite X5 15.0.0 ++ Keygen

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Photoshop Tools III

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continuation of the Photoshop tools II
1. FillEdit> fillServes to give color in the whole area of ​​color selection or if no selection. Colors can be arranged in the windows of his options.
2. STROKEEdit> strokeServes to color the lines in the area of ​​selection. The thickness and color can be set in its options window.
3. TRANSFORMEdit> TransformThis tool is to transform the picture in a particular layer.Scale: to change the size of an imageRotate: To rotate a pictureSkew, distortion, perspective, warp: to change the form of an image according to our wishes.Rotate 180: to rotate the image 180 degrees.Rotate 90 CW: to rotate the image by 90 degrees clockwiseRotate 90 CCW: to rotate the image by 90 degrees anticlockwise.Flip Horizontal: Horizontal direction for memirror imageFlip Vertical: Vertical direction for memirror image.
4. MODEImage> ModeTo change the color system, including:- RGB: Red, Green, Blue- CMYK: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black- Grayscale: Black & White to color.
5. ADJUSTMENTImage> adjustmentsTo determine the brightness of the image (Brightness / Contrast. And can also to set the color (Hue / Saturation)
6. IMAGE SIZEImage> image sizeTo change the size of an image. The difference with the transform tool is changing the entire image size.
7. Canvas SizeImage> Canvas sizeTo change the size of the background. And this will create an image in the layer to be truncated.
8. Rotate CanvasImage> Rotate CanvasTo play along with the image background is in the image area.
9. InverseSelect> inverseTo select non-selection area before. This tool functions only if no image or selected layer.
10. FeatherSelect> FeatherTo refine or create blur an image that is already selected. This is usually used when the separation of an object image with its background.
11. EFFECTTool to create this effect is all in the filter toolbar.
12. RulerView> RulerTo display the size of the image area. Size can also be configured by right-clicking in the Ruler area of ​​the image will display a unit of measure to be used. Such as pixels, centimeters, inches, etc..If we drag the Ruler into the image area will display a help lines are bright blue. And these help lines will not be printed if we print.
13. SNAPView> snapTo place an image with a fitting in accordance with our wishes. If we drag a picture object and we have activated a snap tool, then we do not need to bother to put the image. We can place the image right in the middle, on the edge or on help lines.
14. Menampilakan TOOLTo display our tool by simply clicking on the toolbar windows will display a tool we will use. Such as layer, color, history, brushes etc..
If anyone is still lacking and would ask tools that have not understood, please ask directly through comments .

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Photoshop Tools II

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The connection of the photoshop tools first, now into the toolbox area. Toolbox function is very important because it allows us. The following will be explained on the functions of each of the tools found in Adobe Photoshop toolbox. For more details of how to use each tool will be explained separately.

* A.1. Marquee Tool
When we click the Marquee Tool we can see there are 4 types of marquee tool
1. Rectangular Marquee (Keyboard Shortcut: M, or Shift + M)
Used to create a rectangular selection area on the image.
2. Elliptical Marquee (Keyboard Shortcut: M, or Shift + M)
Used to create a elliptical selection area or circle on the image.
3. Single Row Marquee
Used to create a single line selection area on the image (size is 1 pixel high selection)
4. Single Column Marquee
Used to create a single column selection area on the image (size is 1 pixel wide selection.)
* A.2. Move Tool
Keyboard shortcut: V
Used to shift / move the selection, layers, and guides.
* A.3. Lasoo Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: L, or Shift + L to change the type of Lasoo) Consists of 3 types:
1. Lasoo
Used to create a selection area with free-form
2. Polygonal Lasoo
Used to create a polygon-shaped selection area
3. Magnetic Lasoo
Used to make the area selection by stick
edge selection in a specific area on the image.
* A.4. Magic Wand Tool
Keyboard Shortcut: W
Used to create an area that has a color selection serupa.Perbedaan color tolerances can be set on the tool bar option.
B. Crop & Slice Tool

* B.1. Crop Tool
Keyboard Shortcut: C
Used to trim the image (cut and remove certain areas of the image)
B.2. Slice Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: C, or Shift + K to change the slice)
Consisting of 2 types:
1. Slice Tool
Used to make the pieces of an image
2. Slice Select Tool
Used to select the pieces on an image
C. Retouching TOOL

* C.1. Patches / Healing Brush Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: A, or Shift + J to change the tool)
1. Patch Tool
Used to paint / paint in certain areas of the image with a pattern (pattern) or a particular sample. Suitable for memberbaiki broken images.
2. Healing Brush Tool
Used to paint / paint the image with a pattern or a particular sample. Suitable for improving the image a slightly damaged.
* C.2. Stamp Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: S, or Shift + S to change the tool) consists of 2 types:
1. Clone Stamp Tool
Used to paint a specific image with the sample image
2. Pattern Stamp Tool
Used to paint the image by using a specific pattern
* C.3. Eraser Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: E, or Shift + E to change the type of eraser)
Consists of 3 types:
1. Eraser
Used to remove the pixel image and restore it to a specific state.
2. Background Eraser
Used to remove certain areas of the image becomes transparent.
3. Magic Eraser
Used to remove certain areas of the image that have similar color to be transparent with one click.
* C.4. Sharpen, Blur, Smudge Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: R, or Shift + R)
1. Sharpen Tool
Used to sharpen certain areas on the image.
2. Blur Tool
Used to smooth / blur the specific area on the image.
3. Smudge Tool
Used to rub / smear certain areas on the image
* C.5. Dodge, Burn, Sponge Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: O, or Shift + O)
1. Dodge Tool
Used to describe the color in certain areas on the image
2. Burn Tool
Used to darken the colors in a certain area on image
3. Sponge Tool
Used to change the saturation in certain areas on the image.

* D.1. Brush Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: B, or Shift + B to change the tool) consists of 2 types:
1. Brush Tool
Used to paint the image with brush strokes
2. Pencil Tool
Used to paint the image with pencil scratches
* D.2. History Brush Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: Y, or Shift + Y to change the type)
Consisting of 2 types:
1. History Brush Tool
Used to paint the image using a snapshot or history state of Image
2. Art History Tool
Used to paint the image using a snapshot or state
history of the image, with a certain artistic model.
* D.3. Gradient, Paint Bucket Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: G, or Shift + G)
1. Gradient Tool
Used to paint the selected area (selected area) with
blend of many colors.
2. Paint Bucket Tool
Used to paint the selected area with foreground color
or a particular pattern.

1. E.1. Selection Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: A, or Shift + A to change the type) consists of 2 types:
1. Path Selection Tool
Used to perform the path selection
2. Direct Selection Tool
Used to change the anchor and direction points of paths.
E.2. Type Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: T, or Shift + T to change the type) Consists of 4 types:
1. Horizontal Type Tool
Used to make writing horizontally
2. Vertical Type Tool
Used to create vertical text
3. Horizontal Type Mask Tool
Used to make the selection form of writing horizontally
4. Vertical Type Mask Tool
Used to make the selection in a vertical form of writing
2. E.3. Pen Tool
1. Pen Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: P, or Shift + P)
Used to create a path with a smooth curved arch-
2. Freeform pen tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: P, or Shift + P)
Used to create free-shaped path (our liking)
3. Add Anchor Point Tool
Used to add an anchor point or points on the path editor
4. Delete Anchor Point Tool
Used to delete a specific anchor point on the path

5. Convert Point Tool
Used to change the anchor and the direction of certain points on the path

* E.4. Shape Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: U, or Shift + U to change the type)
1. Rectangle Tool
Used to draw a rectangular shape
2. Rounded Rectangle Tool
Used to draw a curved rectangular
3. Ellipse Tool
Used to draw the ellipse
4. Polygon Tool
Used to draw a polygon
5. Line Tool
Used to draw a straight line
6. Custom Shape Tool
Used to draw a particular shape from the list of existing forms
F. Annotation, Measuring & Navigation Tool

* F.1. Notes Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: N, or Shift + N to change the type)
1. Notes Tool
Used to make a note on the image such as copyright.
2. Audio AnnotationTool
Used to make a sound / audio on the image
* F.2. Eyedropper, Measure Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: I, or Shift + I)
1. Eyedropper Tool
Used to take on the color sample for color image
2. Color Sampler Tool
Used to retrieve a variety of color samples in image
3. Measure Tool
Used to measure distances or angles on the image
* F.3. Hand Tool
Keyboard Shortcut: H
Used to shift / move the field of view image in the window view area.
* F.4. Zoom Tool
Keyboard Shortcut: Z
Used to increase or decrease the image display.
* F.5. Background and foreground color
In order to press the D then the default foreground and background color to white and black. To change the background color and foreground press the X button
* F.6. Normal and Quickmask Mode
Normal Mode: All functions such as the brush will go on as usual. Quickmask Mode: The function of brush can be used for selection cuman if after a selection process quickmask then its even on the outside.
* F.7. Screen Mode
To view the work area windows.

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Photoshop tools

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1. Files
Related to files such as save, open, export, import, and print.

2. Edit
Menu editing in general such as cut, copy, paste, transform image, and set preferences for Adobe Photoshop.

3. Image
Contains editing image to adjust color, hue / saturation, brightness / contrast, size.

4. Layer
In connection with the management layer in the image, such as adding layers, delete, add effects to layers, and masking.

5. Select
In connection with the selection image.

6. Filter
Associated with in Photoshop that can be used to give certain effects on the image.

7. View
Used to view settings such as image zooming, display scale, and so forth.

8. Window
Used to set / display window

9. Help
To display the help and tutorials Adobe Photoshop.
2. Tool Option Bar
Almost all tools on the Toolbox has the option, which is displayed on the Tool Options bar. Options are used to adjust parameter values ​​or

option from the tool is currently active / selected. For example:
Once the parameter values ​​on the tool bar option changed, (we can restore it again becomes the default value (original value). That is by selecting an existing tool icon on the left, then click the button. On the context menu that appears, choose Reset Tool to restore The default value of the currently selected tool. If you want to restore the default values ​​of all tools, choose Reset All Tools ..

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Know about Photoshop

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Guys and Chick .... ^.^
Adobe Photoshop, called Photoshop, is a software made ​​by Adobe Systems image editor specialized for editing photos / drawings and manufacturing effects. This software is widely used by digital photographers and advertising company that is considered as the market leader (market leader) to the image processing software / photos, and, along with Adobe Acrobat, is regarded as the best product ever produced by Adobe Systems. Eighth version of this application is called by the name of Photoshop CS (Creative Suite), version called Adobe Photoshop CS2 nine, ten version called Adobe Photoshop CS3, is the eleventh version of Adobe Photoshop CS4 and the latest version (twelve) is Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Photoshop is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Mac OS, version 9 upwards can also be used by other operating systems such as Linux using software such as CrossOver ..

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Photoshop Work Area

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information :
A : Menu
B : Tool Option Bar
C : Pallete Well
D : Toolbox
E : Status Bar
F : Area Gambar
G : From top to bottom : navigation palette, color palette, history palette dan layer palette

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Tsunami Jepang | Tsunami Papua | Tsunami Manado

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foto tsunami jepang , tsunami jepang, tsunami papuaVideo Japanese Tsunami - The consequences of the earthquake that mengocang Tokyo and surrounding area with earthquake force 8.8 Richter Scale (SR) on Friday (March 11, 2011) yesterday caused devastating tsunami in Japan, even the tsunami japanese also spread to several locations in Indonesia. Especially in the area of Papua.

As a result of the tsunami Japan also makes the area west papua Tsunami affected by it, precisely in the area of Manokwari, Jayapura and Sorong. Here are details of the approximate time of the tsunami in Papua and Maluku:
- Manokwari, West Papua, at 18:18
- Jayapura, Papua, 18:35 pm
- Sorong, Papua, 18:35 pm
- Berebere, North Maluku, at 17:58 pm

According to the agency penjelasaan Pacific Tsunami Warning Center based in Hawaii to predict the tsunami would arrive in Jayapura, Papua, 18:35 am Western Indonesian Time or 20:35 am Eastern Indonesian Time. Even the tsunami will occur sequentially in the region are also Russian, United States, Taiwan, Guam, the Philippines, Nauru, and Solomon Islands. And also generated 8.8 earthquake in northern Japan at 12:46 pm and will continue to move northward due to the slab of sea water depth of japan is enormous and will lead to a more terrible tsunami again
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Ford Fiesta – price and specification Ford Fiesta

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Latest Ford cars (Ford Fiesta) - Ford succeeded in launching its car city car named the FORD FIESTA, car ford city car output is able to compete with other city car city car Especially the Honda Jazz and Honda New Accord Facelift. Ford Fiesta is more elegant and exclusive display for the driver of this car. For options type Ford Fiesta is beberpa type of standard class or upper-class type, where the price of Ford Fiesta range from 170-215 million.

Take the example ford fiesta for type Ford Fiesta MkVI 1.4 A / T, have the car specifications as follows:
Engine: 1388 cc 4-cylinder, 96 hp
Maximum torque: 128 rpm Nm/4.200
0-100 km / h: 13.9 seconds (claimed)
Fuel consumption combined: 17.46 km / l (claim)
P x L x H: 4067 x 1772 x 1481 mm
Wheelbase: 2489 mm
Ford Fiesta Price MkVI: approximately USD 192 million (estimate)

Of course this type Ford Fiesta will be attractive package on the market Compact Hatchback country. And also ford fiesta also has some features and appearance of the outer will have slight differences, such as the front bumper shape and the rim of course. Where is the Ford Fiesta has a more attractive appearance and sporty city car than any other brand. Besides having a mainstay color orange, a large air hole design with a honey comb in the front bumper looks very sporty and sleek.

Specifications of the most exciting Ford Fiesta close attention to luxury car enthusiasts is the presence of the facility features voice command. Yaang allows for you just give orders in English, then the computer will translate it as work orders. As with choosing a song, move the radio frequency, to connect the phone to the number you want, so do not bother you while driving a car.

For audio facilities do not doubt, because Ford Fiesta provides a matching audio elements, the head unit is integrated into Ford's choice. But what makes the Ford Fiesta is more superior than any other car is equipped with this device has a myriad of features in it, such as Bluetooth wireless connectivity, iPod ready and aux-in jack. The resulting sound quality audio system with 6 speakers in the interior sound very good for standard size. Similarly, the interior material quality is impressive luxury and elegance
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Game Online Terbaru | Download Game Online Terbaru

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Online Game List Latest always sought after game online gamers. But do not be afraid to lie down now online gaming increasingly ubiquitous even always updated. 3bulannya there almost every new online game was released and also to download the latest online games can be downloaded for free. Even the latest online games are also many online games released from Indonesia aka Made in Indonesia. Well so we should be proud as an Indonesian citizen who could ciptain own game.

Here is a list of the latest online games this year:

• Avatar Land
Do not be fooled see the name Avatar. This game is not game film adaptation of Avatar: The Legend Of Aang. Also not a game adaptations made by James Cameron film Avatar. Instead, web-based game that brought the concept of social networking for gamers. You do not have to bother to install anything as well because this game is played using a browser and accessed through the site

• Requiem Online
If you want to play a horror game, seems to be fit to play this one game. This MMORPG game does look a bit spooky because throughout the game will be lots of spooky monsters that are ready to confront.

• Crazy Kart 2
This game is a sequel of the game Crazy Kart, which carries racing game with characters who share a cute and adorable and funny cars. The concept of this sequel is not too much different from the original. Just a few additions only.

• Online Granado Espada

This includes the old games in Korea. The reason this game has been released since 2006 earlier, but this is the first time present in Indonesia. In terms of graphics are not as good as an online game today, but the game reportedly has its own uniqueness that is not owned by any other online games.

• Luna Online
This game is also still smell the smell of social networking. Many social activities could be done in it, even You can get a couple of the characters of others.

To download the latest online games, we can download it for free. However, you should see the trial version of the online game first before you do the free download games online. Okay congratulations collecting these online games are free or free ..
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IDM Download | IDM 5.19 & 6.04 | Patch IDM

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IDM Free Download | IDM stands for Internet Download Manager is useful to provide facilities to download files more quickly and efficiently download time. Latest IDM IDM now is 6:04 Build 2 is more likely to download faster than IDM 5.19 Build 3 Full Patch. You can also do free download software IDM IDM 5:19 and 6:04 for free. But you also have to enter the serial number IDM to IDM Patch it.

The new IDM program is to enable us to to increase download speeds up to 5x better than even download without IDM. IDM can be downloaded to the operating system is Windows XP, Vista and 7. With the release of IDM 6:04 should not doubt the speed to donload file Google Video, MySpace TV, You Tube and also allows for integration with Firefox and Internet Explorer your computer.

IDM has several new features were added in accordance with various inputs and expectations of the community of users has been added to IDM user friendly, such as:
• Can support Vista, grabber, the new version features a scheduler, support for MMS protocol and also integration with the browser more baik.IDM Internet Download Manager New Icon
• Correction for various server bugs
• It looks simple so that makes it easy to use.
• Can be used to mendownlaod flash videos directly from various sites like MySpaceTV and Google Video.
• Processing the site name in a foreign language
• Support for unicode characters for file names and descriptions download
• Error recoverynya help you to resume broken or interrupted downloads due to connection problems, power outages, or other causes.
• Able to segment files to speed downloading.

With the latest IDM facilities above, then do not miss to download this latest IDM. Come game update IDM you order the download files you have a maximum speed ...
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Smadav Terbaru | Newest and Best Antivirus

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Download Smadav Rev. 8.4 –Antivirus Smadav which has recently occupied the ranks as 10th best antivirus in the world. Antivirus smadav the latest release is able to compare with other antivirus, like AVG antivirus and antivirus kaspersky the center have the security level security and a reliable system. Advantages Smadav version 8.4 has many new features and improvements that are specific to local eradication of the virus. Among other features of Smad-Behavior that can identify new local virus that does not exist in database SmadAV of his behavior when infecting the system.

Other than that this new smadav also has the ability Smad-Ray that can scan automatically flash when installed within a maximum of 5 seconds. Even more impressive again in this latest SmadAV immunization flash (using autorun.inf folder) has been revised and previously there will be a confirmation so you can decide whether a flash is to dikebalkan or not. And with SmadAV rev 8.4 is more stable and highly recommended to be combined with international anti-virus because SmadAV can only handle a few new local virus.

This latest rev.8 SmadAV also mepercantik view for users to be more userfriendly. Due to the considered views of the old SmadAV users still too large and not suitable for some users in Mini Laptops / Netbooks. In Rev. 7 at this time the display is smaller SmadAV and SmadAV can adjust its size to be a mini when used in netbooks, thus enabling the user to be able to access any antivirus features smadav without using the scroll.

Here's a comparison of results SmadAV Free & Pro, which is on the donation tab has now added a comparison table SmadAV Free & Pro. You can click on the lines on this chart to find out the advantages SmadAV Pro compared SmadAV Free. However, antivirus smadav recommend using smadav pro, so all features in smadav 8 is able to get more leverage.
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Mulan Jameela Melahirkan | Mulan Melahirkan

Posted by mohammad wahyudi putra on Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gosip Mulan Jameela melahirkan world of infotainment is indeed horrendous, even Mulan Jameela news delivery has become a byword central Indonesian artists. The news spread Mulan has given birth to her third child at Pondok Indah Hospital yesterday on saturday february 26, 2011 around 1pm.

It seemed to bear this news mulan very hidden and secret, but that is in question and the suspicion is there are few sources from Pondok Indah hospital was that there were patients who had the initials W but the source was evasive when the initial W is Mulan, he asserted, "No name or Wulansari Mulan. "Well, who became suspicions Mulun Jameela Khan's real name is actually a Wulansari.

And the second is from watchlist suspicion Seconds reporters at the residence located in the region Mulan Pinang Mas, Pondok Indah, Saturday (26 February 2011) afternoon, the house is empty without occupants. An Alphard car with license plate number B 8999 IG entered the garage of the house. Seen from inside the car seems a pair of men's and women's old age is a parent who allegedly Mulan Jameela. Assistant Mulan was accompanying them. Meanwhile, Mulan's residence as there are no residents at all.

Reportedly, to date the singer of hits 'Sexiest creature God' is still in the hospital for treatment after birth. Is the news giving birth Mulan is true or just mere gossip? But why the issue of maternity Mulan has been getting stronger and horrendous with the suspicion of the truth that Mulan delivery.
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Dongeng Cinderella | Putri Cinderella

Posted by mohammad wahyudi putra

Dongeng Cinderella – Princess Cinderella story is one of the most famous folklore in various of the world, even to be told even now still kapada children. To the extent Tale Cinderela reviewed or created in the benthic and the animated film Cinderella Cinderella. Canti princess Cinderella story or challenge that is often called a legend cindereela daughter is already a role model for parents in educating their children to have a good disposition like this Cinderella Once Upon A daughter.

Cinderella fairy tale that comes from the Greek older year 1 BC. In this version, Cinderella is told bathing in the river, then stole the eagle sandals. But the Cinderella fairy tale is slightly modified but has a story similar studies. Reviewed Cinderella story by Charles Perrault, a French writer. In 1697, he wrote the story of Cinderella from the Middle Ages to become Cinderella fairy tales we know today.

For more details, let us see the essence of the fairy tale Cinderella, please listen:
Cinderella is a girl who lived with his mother and two of his half-sister. Every day, he must complete the household work as maids. One day, the prince held a dance party and bewitching fairy good-hearted Cinderella to appear like a princess with a beautiful gown and train kencana.Cinderella the prince's pretty amazing, they were berdansa.Sayangnya, Cinderella only have until midnight that saja.Setelah, fairy magic will be lost.

He will be a shabby-looking girl back. When the clock struck 12 times, Cinderella left the prince. Glass shoes off, lying on the steps of the palace. Prince picked up the glass shoe and keep it. Prince who fell in love with Cinderella looking for the girl who can wear the glass slipper was left behind. Two Cinderella stepsister go try but their feet do not fit in these shoes. Cinderella go try a glass slipper on her feet turned out perfect.
Prince bring Cinderella to the palace, they were married and lived happily ever after, happily ever after.
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Mulan Jameela Melahirkan

Posted by mohammad wahyudi putra

Mulan melahirkan son of Ahmad Dhani on Saturday at around 1:00 pm and was still in the hospital for treatment. Is it true gossip or news of the birth Mulan?. Indeed, the news has become infotainment main topic of this Day. Mulan Jamela reportedly gave birth to her third child at Pondok Indah Hospital (RSPI), South Jakarta. However, when re-confirmed, RSPI party denies this. Is it the secret process of childbirth Mulan Jameela Ahmad Dhani these?

According to the results of monitoring the reporter seconds on Saturday 26 February 2011, contained a list of patient names RSPI board had listed the name of Miss W. Where a suspicious coincidence that the original name of Mulan Jameela is Wulansari. Similarly, one public relations firm RSPI, "No name or Wulansari Mulan."
But there are also some resources that explain that Mulan is currently being treated on the 3rd floor of the hospital. He also revealed room Mulan is very exclusive. And also concealed the existence of mulan at the hospital. Firm the source, "there is Mulan on the 3rd floor but not everyone can get in, let alone a journalist"

And also the gossip Mulan Jameela kecurigan if delivery is to a source who spotted Mulan in Pinang Mas area, Pondok Indah, Saturday afternoon, the house is quiet. An Alphard car with license plate number B 8999 IG enter tersebut.Dari garage in a car seems a pair of men's and women's old age is a parent suspected of Mulan. Assistant Mulan was accompanying them. And note also the condition of mulan home in an empty condition without any occupants of the house.
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AVG Free Download | AVG Antivirus Terbaru 10.0

Posted by mohammad wahyudi putra on Friday, February 25, 2011

avg , avg antivirusAVG update – AVG is one antivirus that can be relied upon to maintain the security of your computer and bold compared to other antivirus software, such as for example: antivirus smadav, kaspersky, etc.. Especially for users or user has a facility AVG antivirus free download antivirus AVG along with its latest AVG Update. AVG is known as a free antivirus and many used mainly by computer users due to AVG antivirus update system that quickly and automatically updates every release of several security systems for the virus - new virus.

Fitus provided by AVG, among others, is AVG Anti-Virus Protection Social Networking. This feature will help you to scan all the links (links) that exist on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter and give ratings on that link if it is safe or not. AVG Anti-Virus 10.0 is equipped with the Smart Scanning AVG features that can help in the scanning process so as not to slow your computer during the scan or in other words AVG Smart Scanning will work when the computer is idle and then work on low-priority mode when using your computer.

For the 10.0 version of AVG was able to dominate several other local antivirus. And also AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 10.0 has also featured PC Analyzer. Where features of the PC analyzer is used to scan the Windows registry and hard to find errors on the disk. Besides Tiu, PC Analyzer also has another tool that is broken shortcuts disk defragmenter and cleaner. However, in this free version of AVG Anti-Virus is unable to repair the detected errors. These features are present only in the paid version of AVG Antivirus AVG Internet Security as a feature type AVG pro.
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Tube8 Current BF Site

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Tube8free is Suatau site that contains adult content and is a site that many people looking to get a free download BF facilities are free from many countries, in this video tube8 site also provides the facility to upload their own video BF. But you need to know to get the video BF in Tube8 This is not Medah, because many Internet providers who have mnggunakan blocking system for adult sites tube8 this.

From the results of any Google search, tube8 site is the target of many visitors who search for the keyword "tube8". Yes indeed deserved much demand, because tube8 an overseas site that is currently the number one most in looking at facilities around the world with free download and very fulgar.

For fans bf collection mania always looking for the latest hot videos and almost every day about 5-10 videos uploaded bf's latest there. Well, that's what makes the cult video tube8 bf likes this site. Besides showing some movies tube8, tube8 it also presents some hot photo collection of this tube8 site.

For those who are aged 18 + + please open this site free tube8, but that has not reached age please do not continue to see this tube8 site especially for her bf download free video.
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Dewi Persik dan Nicky Tirta date

Posted by mohammad wahyudi putra on Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dewi Persik dan Nicky Tirta, Depe dan Nicky TirtaDepe dan Nicky Tirta - Dewi persik Nicky Tirta dating is now a celebrity gossip and hot palng first place fans gossip artist. Peach goddess who is often referred to as this Depe lords have long widowhood shaiful jamil, but now Peaches reportedly close to Nicky Tirta who is a former girlfriend Garnetta Haruni it.

Goddard gossip news peaches and Nicky Tirta makes an uproar among the celebrities due to unexpected tau-tau Depe closely coupled with Nicki tirta in a film shooting location.

The following comments Dewi Persik when found in the FX Music, Senayan, South Jakarta, "I say baseball had a boyfriend or not have a boyfriend, not avalible but I definitely single". Yes but his name must have been looking for-seeking infotainment news and gossip combined into a polished combine more sip.

Even the latest gossip, Goddess of peach and Nicky Tirta rumored to be getting married. Are these rumors true? we look forward to it next. It is not denied, the owner of the original name of the Great Goddess of Moria very happy to be close to the bespectacled man. The 'Shake Saw' is not even hesitate to praise the actor Kidnapping Miyabi. Indeed, this peach goddess, despite being a widow but seductive and hot abis.hehehe
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Miyabi | Video Miyabi Download

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miyabi , foto miyabiFilm Miyabi dan Foto Miyabi indeed become the latest target of many fans BF Miyabi, where the artist's country of origin adult lovely film this Japanese name jumped after maria ozawa miyabi or starred in several movies hot japanese origin. In miyabi video recording, it was clear adult film actress is very astute in his plays and film bf film starring hot. Until even now almost 50 films, starring miyabi bf this.

And also looks at an adult site tube8, video miyabi managed to become Japan's most popular video BF and the target of 10 videos free download hot most of the site. Miyabi movie played BF is almost always sold well in the rental VCD and VCD shops BF. However, in our country may also be sold with his best-selling but still be illegal so the possibility of selling these videos miyabi secretly or illegally.

Miyabi Japanese which is a beautiful artist who was more phenomenal time and became the first order who became the idol miyabi lovers, a special film to make an adult film producer has had the courage to pay the most expensive compared with miyabi beautiful artist bf star asala other Japanese. And kabarnyapun miyabi now raised rates for each movie miyabi latest version. Well, that's why these days it can be said for the newest miyabi video updatean old release.

Though video and photo miyabi miyabi recent times are much sought after by fans bf film of any country. Yes ... just waiting, waiting for no one, we also saw that lainnnya miyabi video, please enjoy ....
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