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Posted by mohammad wahyudi putra on Monday, February 28, 2011

Online Game List Latest always sought after game online gamers. But do not be afraid to lie down now online gaming increasingly ubiquitous even always updated. 3bulannya there almost every new online game was released and also to download the latest online games can be downloaded for free. Even the latest online games are also many online games released from Indonesia aka Made in Indonesia. Well so we should be proud as an Indonesian citizen who could ciptain own game.

Here is a list of the latest online games this year:

• Avatar Land
Do not be fooled see the name Avatar. This game is not game film adaptation of Avatar: The Legend Of Aang. Also not a game adaptations made by James Cameron film Avatar. Instead, web-based game that brought the concept of social networking for gamers. You do not have to bother to install anything as well because this game is played using a browser and accessed through the site

• Requiem Online
If you want to play a horror game, seems to be fit to play this one game. This MMORPG game does look a bit spooky because throughout the game will be lots of spooky monsters that are ready to confront.

• Crazy Kart 2
This game is a sequel of the game Crazy Kart, which carries racing game with characters who share a cute and adorable and funny cars. The concept of this sequel is not too much different from the original. Just a few additions only.

• Online Granado Espada

This includes the old games in Korea. The reason this game has been released since 2006 earlier, but this is the first time present in Indonesia. In terms of graphics are not as good as an online game today, but the game reportedly has its own uniqueness that is not owned by any other online games.

• Luna Online
This game is also still smell the smell of social networking. Many social activities could be done in it, even You can get a couple of the characters of others.

To download the latest online games, we can download it for free. However, you should see the trial version of the online game first before you do the free download games online. Okay congratulations collecting these online games are free or free ..
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IDM Download | IDM 5.19 & 6.04 | Patch IDM

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IDM Free Download | IDM stands for Internet Download Manager is useful to provide facilities to download files more quickly and efficiently download time. Latest IDM IDM now is 6:04 Build 2 is more likely to download faster than IDM 5.19 Build 3 Full Patch. You can also do free download software IDM IDM 5:19 and 6:04 for free. But you also have to enter the serial number IDM to IDM Patch it.

The new IDM program is to enable us to to increase download speeds up to 5x better than even download without IDM. IDM can be downloaded to the operating system is Windows XP, Vista and 7. With the release of IDM 6:04 should not doubt the speed to donload file Google Video, MySpace TV, You Tube and also allows for integration with Firefox and Internet Explorer your computer.

IDM has several new features were added in accordance with various inputs and expectations of the community of users has been added to IDM user friendly, such as:
• Can support Vista, grabber, the new version features a scheduler, support for MMS protocol and also integration with the browser more baik.IDM Internet Download Manager New Icon
• Correction for various server bugs
• It looks simple so that makes it easy to use.
• Can be used to mendownlaod flash videos directly from various sites like MySpaceTV and Google Video.
• Processing the site name in a foreign language
• Support for unicode characters for file names and descriptions download
• Error recoverynya help you to resume broken or interrupted downloads due to connection problems, power outages, or other causes.
• Able to segment files to speed downloading.

With the latest IDM facilities above, then do not miss to download this latest IDM. Come game update IDM you order the download files you have a maximum speed ...
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Smadav Terbaru | Newest and Best Antivirus

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Download Smadav Rev. 8.4 –Antivirus Smadav which has recently occupied the ranks as 10th best antivirus in the world. Antivirus smadav the latest release is able to compare with other antivirus, like AVG antivirus and antivirus kaspersky the center have the security level security and a reliable system. Advantages Smadav version 8.4 has many new features and improvements that are specific to local eradication of the virus. Among other features of Smad-Behavior that can identify new local virus that does not exist in database SmadAV of his behavior when infecting the system.

Other than that this new smadav also has the ability Smad-Ray that can scan automatically flash when installed within a maximum of 5 seconds. Even more impressive again in this latest SmadAV immunization flash (using autorun.inf folder) has been revised and previously there will be a confirmation so you can decide whether a flash is to dikebalkan or not. And with SmadAV rev 8.4 is more stable and highly recommended to be combined with international anti-virus because SmadAV can only handle a few new local virus.

This latest rev.8 SmadAV also mepercantik view for users to be more userfriendly. Due to the considered views of the old SmadAV users still too large and not suitable for some users in Mini Laptops / Netbooks. In Rev. 7 at this time the display is smaller SmadAV and SmadAV can adjust its size to be a mini when used in netbooks, thus enabling the user to be able to access any antivirus features smadav without using the scroll.

Here's a comparison of results SmadAV Free & Pro, which is on the donation tab has now added a comparison table SmadAV Free & Pro. You can click on the lines on this chart to find out the advantages SmadAV Pro compared SmadAV Free. However, antivirus smadav recommend using smadav pro, so all features in smadav 8 is able to get more leverage.
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Mulan Jameela Melahirkan | Mulan Melahirkan

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Gosip Mulan Jameela melahirkan world of infotainment is indeed horrendous, even Mulan Jameela news delivery has become a byword central Indonesian artists. The news spread Mulan has given birth to her third child at Pondok Indah Hospital yesterday on saturday february 26, 2011 around 1pm.

It seemed to bear this news mulan very hidden and secret, but that is in question and the suspicion is there are few sources from Pondok Indah hospital was that there were patients who had the initials W but the source was evasive when the initial W is Mulan, he asserted, "No name or Wulansari Mulan. "Well, who became suspicions Mulun Jameela Khan's real name is actually a Wulansari.

And the second is from watchlist suspicion Seconds reporters at the residence located in the region Mulan Pinang Mas, Pondok Indah, Saturday (26 February 2011) afternoon, the house is empty without occupants. An Alphard car with license plate number B 8999 IG entered the garage of the house. Seen from inside the car seems a pair of men's and women's old age is a parent who allegedly Mulan Jameela. Assistant Mulan was accompanying them. Meanwhile, Mulan's residence as there are no residents at all.

Reportedly, to date the singer of hits 'Sexiest creature God' is still in the hospital for treatment after birth. Is the news giving birth Mulan is true or just mere gossip? But why the issue of maternity Mulan has been getting stronger and horrendous with the suspicion of the truth that Mulan delivery.
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Dongeng Cinderella | Putri Cinderella

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Dongeng Cinderella – Princess Cinderella story is one of the most famous folklore in various of the world, even to be told even now still kapada children. To the extent Tale Cinderela reviewed or created in the benthic and the animated film Cinderella Cinderella. Canti princess Cinderella story or challenge that is often called a legend cindereela daughter is already a role model for parents in educating their children to have a good disposition like this Cinderella Once Upon A daughter.

Cinderella fairy tale that comes from the Greek older year 1 BC. In this version, Cinderella is told bathing in the river, then stole the eagle sandals. But the Cinderella fairy tale is slightly modified but has a story similar studies. Reviewed Cinderella story by Charles Perrault, a French writer. In 1697, he wrote the story of Cinderella from the Middle Ages to become Cinderella fairy tales we know today.

For more details, let us see the essence of the fairy tale Cinderella, please listen:
Cinderella is a girl who lived with his mother and two of his half-sister. Every day, he must complete the household work as maids. One day, the prince held a dance party and bewitching fairy good-hearted Cinderella to appear like a princess with a beautiful gown and train kencana.Cinderella the prince's pretty amazing, they were berdansa.Sayangnya, Cinderella only have until midnight that saja.Setelah, fairy magic will be lost.

He will be a shabby-looking girl back. When the clock struck 12 times, Cinderella left the prince. Glass shoes off, lying on the steps of the palace. Prince picked up the glass shoe and keep it. Prince who fell in love with Cinderella looking for the girl who can wear the glass slipper was left behind. Two Cinderella stepsister go try but their feet do not fit in these shoes. Cinderella go try a glass slipper on her feet turned out perfect.
Prince bring Cinderella to the palace, they were married and lived happily ever after, happily ever after.
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Mulan Jameela Melahirkan

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Mulan melahirkan son of Ahmad Dhani on Saturday at around 1:00 pm and was still in the hospital for treatment. Is it true gossip or news of the birth Mulan?. Indeed, the news has become infotainment main topic of this Day. Mulan Jamela reportedly gave birth to her third child at Pondok Indah Hospital (RSPI), South Jakarta. However, when re-confirmed, RSPI party denies this. Is it the secret process of childbirth Mulan Jameela Ahmad Dhani these?

According to the results of monitoring the reporter seconds on Saturday 26 February 2011, contained a list of patient names RSPI board had listed the name of Miss W. Where a suspicious coincidence that the original name of Mulan Jameela is Wulansari. Similarly, one public relations firm RSPI, "No name or Wulansari Mulan."
But there are also some resources that explain that Mulan is currently being treated on the 3rd floor of the hospital. He also revealed room Mulan is very exclusive. And also concealed the existence of mulan at the hospital. Firm the source, "there is Mulan on the 3rd floor but not everyone can get in, let alone a journalist"

And also the gossip Mulan Jameela kecurigan if delivery is to a source who spotted Mulan in Pinang Mas area, Pondok Indah, Saturday afternoon, the house is quiet. An Alphard car with license plate number B 8999 IG enter tersebut.Dari garage in a car seems a pair of men's and women's old age is a parent suspected of Mulan. Assistant Mulan was accompanying them. And note also the condition of mulan home in an empty condition without any occupants of the house.
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AVG Free Download | AVG Antivirus Terbaru 10.0

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avg , avg antivirusAVG update – AVG is one antivirus that can be relied upon to maintain the security of your computer and bold compared to other antivirus software, such as for example: antivirus smadav, kaspersky, etc.. Especially for users or user has a facility AVG antivirus free download antivirus AVG along with its latest AVG Update. AVG is known as a free antivirus and many used mainly by computer users due to AVG antivirus update system that quickly and automatically updates every release of several security systems for the virus - new virus.

Fitus provided by AVG, among others, is AVG Anti-Virus Protection Social Networking. This feature will help you to scan all the links (links) that exist on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter and give ratings on that link if it is safe or not. AVG Anti-Virus 10.0 is equipped with the Smart Scanning AVG features that can help in the scanning process so as not to slow your computer during the scan or in other words AVG Smart Scanning will work when the computer is idle and then work on low-priority mode when using your computer.

For the 10.0 version of AVG was able to dominate several other local antivirus. And also AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 10.0 has also featured PC Analyzer. Where features of the PC analyzer is used to scan the Windows registry and hard to find errors on the disk. Besides Tiu, PC Analyzer also has another tool that is broken shortcuts disk defragmenter and cleaner. However, in this free version of AVG Anti-Virus is unable to repair the detected errors. These features are present only in the paid version of AVG Antivirus AVG Internet Security as a feature type AVG pro.
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Tube8 Current BF Site

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Tube8free is Suatau site that contains adult content and is a site that many people looking to get a free download BF facilities are free from many countries, in this video tube8 site also provides the facility to upload their own video BF. But you need to know to get the video BF in Tube8 This is not Medah, because many Internet providers who have mnggunakan blocking system for adult sites tube8 this.

From the results of any Google search, tube8 site is the target of many visitors who search for the keyword "tube8". Yes indeed deserved much demand, because tube8 an overseas site that is currently the number one most in looking at facilities around the world with free download and very fulgar.

For fans bf collection mania always looking for the latest hot videos and almost every day about 5-10 videos uploaded bf's latest there. Well, that's what makes the cult video tube8 bf likes this site. Besides showing some movies tube8, tube8 it also presents some hot photo collection of this tube8 site.

For those who are aged 18 + + please open this site free tube8, but that has not reached age please do not continue to see this tube8 site especially for her bf download free video.
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Dewi Persik dan Nicky Tirta date

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Dewi Persik dan Nicky Tirta, Depe dan Nicky TirtaDepe dan Nicky Tirta - Dewi persik Nicky Tirta dating is now a celebrity gossip and hot palng first place fans gossip artist. Peach goddess who is often referred to as this Depe lords have long widowhood shaiful jamil, but now Peaches reportedly close to Nicky Tirta who is a former girlfriend Garnetta Haruni it.

Goddard gossip news peaches and Nicky Tirta makes an uproar among the celebrities due to unexpected tau-tau Depe closely coupled with Nicki tirta in a film shooting location.

The following comments Dewi Persik when found in the FX Music, Senayan, South Jakarta, "I say baseball had a boyfriend or not have a boyfriend, not avalible but I definitely single". Yes but his name must have been looking for-seeking infotainment news and gossip combined into a polished combine more sip.

Even the latest gossip, Goddess of peach and Nicky Tirta rumored to be getting married. Are these rumors true? we look forward to it next. It is not denied, the owner of the original name of the Great Goddess of Moria very happy to be close to the bespectacled man. The 'Shake Saw' is not even hesitate to praise the actor Kidnapping Miyabi. Indeed, this peach goddess, despite being a widow but seductive and hot abis.hehehe
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Miyabi | Video Miyabi Download

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miyabi , foto miyabiFilm Miyabi dan Foto Miyabi indeed become the latest target of many fans BF Miyabi, where the artist's country of origin adult lovely film this Japanese name jumped after maria ozawa miyabi or starred in several movies hot japanese origin. In miyabi video recording, it was clear adult film actress is very astute in his plays and film bf film starring hot. Until even now almost 50 films, starring miyabi bf this.

And also looks at an adult site tube8, video miyabi managed to become Japan's most popular video BF and the target of 10 videos free download hot most of the site. Miyabi movie played BF is almost always sold well in the rental VCD and VCD shops BF. However, in our country may also be sold with his best-selling but still be illegal so the possibility of selling these videos miyabi secretly or illegally.

Miyabi Japanese which is a beautiful artist who was more phenomenal time and became the first order who became the idol miyabi lovers, a special film to make an adult film producer has had the courage to pay the most expensive compared with miyabi beautiful artist bf star asala other Japanese. And kabarnyapun miyabi now raised rates for each movie miyabi latest version. Well, that's why these days it can be said for the newest miyabi video updatean old release.

Though video and photo miyabi miyabi recent times are much sought after by fans bf film of any country. Yes ... just waiting, waiting for no one, we also saw that lainnnya miyabi video, please enjoy ....
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Remo-xp | Remoxp

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Remo-xpis a site that provides several software services was the most complete and uptodate, especially kite facilities antivirus updates and download the latest antivirus software. Blog remo-xp It also provides several services as follows:
• Services for antivirus updates
• Provide some antivirus software, among other smadav , McAfee, Norton Utility,dsb
• Providing services for the way you install a computer software
• Service to register: crackIDM, patch IDM as well as several antivirus serial number, etc.

In addition, the site www. It also provides services for software in the form of operational and software windows mobile phone or your blackberry. And besides even then there are also some tips and tricks in the use of a hardware in the computer.

Other than that remoxp or remo-xp this also menyedikan facility Frequently asked questions for the user in operating the software that is experiencing problems or difficulties in the installation meets these demands can ask the question and answer column on the site remo-xp this .

For those who are fans of the game or who is often referred to as gamers, in remo-xp It also provides some Sotware game or master the game along with cracknya the full version.
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Video Miyabi Terbaru | BF Miyabi | Video Maria Ozawa

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Video Miyabi – Maria Ozawa or often called by the nickname miyabi is indeed very famous for his hot videos. Video miyabi widespread almost expected to hundreds of pieces of film bf video miyabi miyabi with a different title. Where almost everyone familiar with this miyabi bf artist and also some semi-hot film on the big screen, starring in films such as instances when the big screen in Indonesia with the title of "kidnap miyabi".

miyabiShe has also become the world's number one artist bf, let alone supported by several aktis bf that more and more Japanese origin and is a blue film that legalized the country.

also can be downloaded for free and can be bf most complete collection with various styles hotnya. Where on the basis of quantity or search google search engine google, almost daily to search with the keyword "Video miyabi" reached almost 10,000 more for total visitors per day.

Video Miyabi VCD market sales of the BF was also widely hunted by the fans of this Japanese video bf origin. Even fans of the film bf Indonesia too often also switch to collect videos and the videos miyabi bf other Japanese origin. Because, according to fans of BF Indonesia said that "if Japanese BF collect more up to date and there is always Japan that its latest bf". Yes .... so must have been because the film Bf in Japanese country legally and in fact there is a special producer of adult films are hot-hot gitulah ...: P. Please enjoy his video miyabi ... monggo ..
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Sistematika Penulisan Laporan Skripsi | Laporan Tugas Akhir

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Example Writing final report will be divided into five (5) chapters covering:

This chapter contains the background of the problem, the formulation of the problem, the problem definition, purpose and benefit, methodology, timing of the final plan, systematics and report writing.

This chapter contains penjelaskan theories, opinions, principles and other sources that can be scientifically accountable and can be used as a comparison or reference in the discussion of the problem.

This chapter contains the analysis software that will be made, and the design of the system to be implemented.

This chapter discusses about developing software in accordance with the outline of which have been outlined in previous systems analysis and design.

This chapter contains the conclusions of the overall final discussion and suggestions for further development.
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Learn Programming Languages ASP. NET | Download ASP.NET

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Active Server Pages (ASP.NET) is one Microsoft product that is currently widely used by developers to develop Internet applications for the benefits provided by ASP.NET to increase the productivity of developers in building dynamic web sites with high performance.

ASP.NET development is based on the development. NET technology. Where is the sense of. NET technologist i is a new platform in the programming to large distributed environment (the internet). Term. NET is often associated with processes running on the platform. NET.Salah one form of the hallmarks of this platform terrefleksi on compiling the source code (source code), where all the source code will be compiled into Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL).

Next MSIL will be compiled by the. NET compiler into machine language when used pda .. NET is also a tool untu realize the vision of Microsoft in Internet network by establishing a global network that can interact with each other to provide services and exchange data in a more efficient and secure in terms of data security.

ASP.NET web developers can increase productivity because it has a flexible choice of language that differentiates from ASP Classicyang can only interpret VBScript and JScript only. Additionally, ASP.NET is also equipped with a good support tools to facilitate development and is also rich in the classes of the framework without requiring additional components to build an application.
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Kaspersky Antivirus | Download Kaspersky dan Update Kaspersky

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Kaspersky Free Download – Antivirus Kaspersky 2011, latest version 9 will soon be launched to improve the previous version of Kaspersky. Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 you can download for free and you can get the serial number Kaspersky (key Kapersky) at: / 3f9bfd7. Or you can see free download below this article.

kapersky , kapersky antivirus , kapersky free downloadKaspersky free download Antivirus is also equipped with the latest security products Kaspersky Mobile Security latest version, which to a BlackBerry smartphone mobile phone service security and operational sisitem Hp based on Android. With the release of Kaspersky Mobile Security security system is the latest version 9 is a more trusted antivirus Kapersky for a security system than any other antivirus-antivirus as an example pembandinnya: smadav antivirus, AVG and McAfee antivirus.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 has ability [uan to protect smartphones from malware and spam as well as the ability to block unwanted calls to hide files. The following comments Vice President of Mobile Solutions at Kaspersky Lab, Sergey Nevstruyev, "Currently, Smartphone become a very attractive target for cybercriminals due to the increasing amount of valuable data stored by owner in it. "

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Tube8 Hot Site Services. | Download Video BF

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Tube8 - Download Video BF on the website tube8 western world has become the most complete choice for movie pengkoleksi BF from several countries. Call it American countries and Japan who became a legalized BF movie collection and even there there is a special producer of blue movies. Well, our site is what usually makes tube8 free download bf most complete photo and free download adult movie.

Tube8 in addition to providing facilities to download videos for free, tube8 it also provides a place where we can upload videos directly in our personal and our adult photo. However, the problem is the number of multiple Internet providers who perform blocking system for tube8 is because too fulgar to our free download adult videos without seeing the adequacy of age for users who visit sites such tube8.

It is recommended for those of you who look at adult sites tube8 Umut is enough at least 17 + + and also to upload personal videos also recommended bf utuk not uploading movie that disfigure or with intent to mengexplose personal videos to the interests of crime (without the consent in question). Tube8 is not responsible if there is a spread of video bf that without the relevant approval.

Well, for those curious about this tube8 site, please see the video bf is contained in the tube 8 is, please enjoy ....
NB: use overseas providers that are not exposed to blockir ....
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Sms Valentine | Ucapan Valentine | Ucapan Cinta

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Sms Valentine, Ucapan Valentine, Ucapan CintaValentine is a day of love for those who have loved and loving, never waste this Valentine's Day to express love and expressions of affection to your lover. Valentine greeting can you say in langssung or by sms valentine sms containing about love for your lovers.

Sms valentine does not mean only to our lovers, but sms valentine also means as an expression of affection to our closest family and friends, let's celebrate this day of love with each other a happy Valentine's mengucapakan for a loved one or loved ones, following a collection of valentine sms and greeting valentine, may be useful:

U r d beat of my heart
Lover of my soul
I'll never leave U
& Never let go wanna U
U r d beat of my heart
d 1 That make me sing
d 1 WHO makes me smile
& I never seem to cry
U r d beat of my heart
d 1 I really love
Do not let me out of Ur sight
For I'm yours by heart
Happy Valentine's Day

All I want only you
You're a What would be mine
to accompany this affection night
i luv u beb ..

when you shed tears
you lose your love
aq come to bring love
and aq say I LOVE YOU

Do not Wait Until it's too late
to tell someone how much you love,
how much you care.
Pls Because they're gone,
no matter how loud you shout and cry,
They will not hear you anymore

liver when trapped by love
This moment could not help myself
and carried away by the thrill of love
cintamau oooh how beautiful her valentine day

They say the moon is beautiful ... but I said no.
They say the planet Venus is beautiful ... but I think not.
I say the earth is beautiful and pretty ... because there you the earth.

Who says god is not fair
Who says God does not exist
they were all a lie
proof god created you
Titin Mpok clever swing
congratulations dear valentine

All I want only you
You're a What would be mine
to accompany this affection night
i luv u beb ..

Love looks not with
the eyes
with the mind
is therefore
winged cupid painted
Blind ...:)
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Artav Antivirus | Download Antivirus Artav

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Antivirus Artav – Antivirus ArtavThis is often dubbed as the antivirus SMP Bandung, where Artav Antivirus is the result of work of students who are new kids in junior high that comes from the city of Bandung. Antivirus Artav was created by junior high student named Arrival Taufik. The first time it created Artav Antivirus distributed to his friends and family, who then disseminated through the FB.

Antivirus Artav Apparently this much sought after by the people of Indonesia and abroad. Where is a good enough response from the community and to date has more than 26,267 times the anti-virus called Artav it is downloaded to computer users. And users can get a free download for free through the FB.

After several users share and download the antivirus artav, many users who were satisfied with the security system in antiviral artav contained, among other advantages antivirus is a simple graphical display and support data base that continues to-date virus makes it a lot Artav Anti-Virus downloaded. And on Main (Interface) using the display as a Color Black Color Determination of Default, Uninstall Repair Program, and for Changes in the Code Double Checksum (CRC32 and MD5.

Also antivirus Artav also has the ability nearly equal to the famous and most popular anti-virus today, for example antivirus smadav. Security features that belong to antivirus Artav almost the same advantages with antivirus smadav 2011 and also no system and antivirus updates antivirus Enhancements Artav as below:

• Change Main Display
• Setting the Default Color Black As ARTAV
• Additional 53 Variant Viruses
• Additional Inspection Report Form
• Improved Uninstall Not Clean
• Improved ART-AnKey, algorithmic code to fool a Keylogger
• Improved Features NOD32 Detect Generic Trojan Virus

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Ucapan Valentine 2011 | sms Valentine | Kartu Valentine

Posted by mohammad wahyudi putra on Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ucapan Valentine – Kartu Ucapan Valentine / Greeting love valentine's day which falls on 14 February 2011 was very thrilling for a new teenage couple in love. Even many events - events valentine (Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Yogyakarta), which usually appear a few club nights before Valentine's Day 14 February. Usually on Valentine's Day is widely used for couples new love affair lulled to express love to sanga kekakasihnya, either through sms or sms love valentine, valentine greeting cards and greeting valentine.

Here are some collection of valentine sms / greeting valentine for your sweetheart:

All I want only you
You're a What would be mine
to accompany this affection night
i luv u beb ..

when you shed tears
you lose your love
aq come to bring love
and aq say I LOVE YOU

Without love, what Are We Worth? Eighty-nine cents! Eighty-nine cents worth of chemicals walking around lonely

You know that sweet chocolate
You know it's beautiful flowers
but you know that you are more sweet and beautiful
valentine say meth

slow rolling time
chain step of our journey
countless stories etched in our romance
HAPPY valentine darling i luv u

Do not tell me words of true love, because you know, I would love someone more than your everything

God gives a sense of love in me, and I gave it
you. Please yach, should not be given back to other people

Time is too slow for those WHO wait, too swift for those WHO fear, too long for those WHO grieve, too short for those WHO Rejoice, but for those Who Love, time is Eternity.

We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and When We find someone whose weirdness is compatible with Ours, We join up with Them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.

I like the way you make me fall in love
One of my behavior had become, all that is in you,
able to generate hayalku
HAPPY Valentine's days

Think carefully before making a decision. But to love me,
Do not think too long.
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Antonius Richmond Bawengan | Religion Case Defendant in Waterford

Posted by mohammad wahyudi putra on Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Antonius Richmond Antonius Richmond This court case that resulted in riots Waterford (Waterford Riots Video), the mass rampage disappointed with the decision because the judge who just fell on the defendant Anthony Richmond where the criminal penalty of 5 years only, where the masses want Anthony Richmond hidaup or punished for the rest of the death penalty.

Here's the origin of Richmond Bawengan Anthony case, Anthony Richmond Bawengan a suspect case in Waterford blasphemy that occurred Tuesday in District Court in Waterford. The case which occurred on October 3, 2010 This activity originated from the defendant to distribute books that are considered disturbing residents. Where the case of Anthony Richmond since October 26, 2010 Bawengan ago in court Waterford.

Romo said Budi, who ensnare Anthony Case begins about a year ago, namely in the year 2010. At that time, Anthony Richmond who holds KTP Jakarta, came to Waterford to visit the home of relatives. In Waterford, he even caught the law for spreading pamphlets and books that provoke it while insulting Islam and Catholicism.

However, due to court cases Bawengan Anthony Richmond today, where a judge decides a prison sentence Bawengan Anthony Richmond is just 5 years in prison alone. Direct Massapun not accept the judge's decision and make an anarchist riots and led to the burning of three churches and the destruction of Christian schools.
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Adjie Meninggal Dunia | Foto dan Video Adjie Dead

Posted by mohammad wahyudi putra on Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kronologi meninggalnya Adjie Massaid Chronology of the death of Adjie Massaid indeed a big question for the fans Adjie Massaid, because death is very sudden Adjie Massaid where previously Adjie Massaid in a healthy state without complaining pain at all while playing futsal before the night he breathed last.

On Saturday the 5th of february 2011 news Adjie Massaid died suddenly made heartsick for the ditinggalnya keluarhga. And besides it also from the actors as well as other lawmakers. The following chronology of the death of relatives expressed Adjie Adjie, Linda Djalil. Actor and member of Parliament in after undergoing its activities as a member of the House of Representatives, Linda reveals Adjie play football in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta on Friday (4 February 2011) afternoon. Not as usual, Adjie playing less than two rounds at once.

Saturday (02/05/2011), said Linda Adjie Massaid about death when found on the TPU Jeruk Purut, South Jakarta, said, "He's playing football in the Valley of machinations. Go home he was driving himself." , On arrival at her home in Taman Cilandak, Angelina Sondakh husband was complaining of shortness of breath and chest pain. Until finally, Adjie who now also serves U-23 national team manager, fell while in the living room. And immediately Adjie Massaid immediately rushed to the hospital RS Fatmawati.

Linda said, "Nearly 11 pm, he fell to the floor. Then, Angie immediately ran to the hospital Fatmawati". Linda said the team physician RS Fatmawati handle Adjie for two hours. Unfortunately, life Adjie it can not be saved. Adjie died on Saturday (02/05/2011), about 1 hour 15 minutes or less
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Video Adjie Massaid Meninggal Dunia | Foto Jenazah Adjie

Posted by mohammad wahyudi putra on Friday, February 4, 2011

Adjie Massaid meninggal sangatlah menggemparkan dunia infotainment. Kematian adji masaid ini pada pukul 00.00 WIB, Sabtu dini hari di Unit Gawat Darurat RS Fatmawati. Diperkirakan kepergian ajie massaid ini dikarenakan serangan jantung yang mendadak. Adjie massaid sebelum menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya sempat dilarikan ke rumah sakit.
Adjie Massaid meninggal, foto Adjie Massaid meninggal, foto ,adjie meninggalKronologis kematian Adjie Massaid sangatlah mendadak, padahal sebelumnya Adjie Massaid meninggal dunia, ajie tidak sakit apapun malahan dia sempat bermain futsal dengan teman-temannya malam sebelum dipanggil Tuhan. Dan pada jam 10 malam si Adjie Massaid pun merasa tidak enak badan dan rasa lemas,lalu dilarikan ke rumah sakit Unit Gawat Darurat RS Fatmawati.adjie meninggal
Adjie Massaid meninggal kan dunia memang meninggalkan duka mendalam bagi artis maupun anggota DPR, dimana dilihat Adjie Massaid selain lama malang melintang sebagai actor, Adjie Massaid juga merupakan salah satu politisi Partai Demokrat. Pria kelahiran Jakarta, 7 Agustus 1967 silam, sebelum menikah dengan Angelina Sondakh, mantan Puteri Indonesia yang juga anggota DPR-RI untuk Partai Demokrat, Adjie menikah dengan penyanyi Reza Artamevia. Demikianlah silsilah hidup Adjie Massaid
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Foto Bikini Angel Lelga dan Aurelle in Beach

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Foto Angel Lelga di pantai | on the beach | Photo Hot Angel Lelga by wearing a bikini is indeed worthy of the subject of the latest gossip. Because when the paparazzi get those bikini photos Lelga Angel, Angel Lelga seen photos but do not currently own a new joint ananda child named Aurelle. In the photo Angel Lelga and Aurelle the new look they are both really fun disebuah beach.

And the question about the hot hot photo is what Lelga Angel Angel Lelga photo is a marked existence of closeness between father Aurelle, Anand with the Rhoma Irama widow siri it?. Here are the results of interviews with managers Yuni related ananda Angel Lelga these bikini photos, "the photos were indeed Angel and Aurelle. But they are not on vacation together, but met by accident. "
And when diwawacarai, Yuni was denied when Angel was close to Anand. According to him, the incident is just a coincidence. Tuesday, February 1, 2011, "We had met Angel in there the same management that more filming in Bali, it happened to meet at the beach," said manager ananda yuni as infotainment reporters when contacted about the release of photos - photos Hot Angel dressed in a bikini on the beach Lelga
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