RemoXP | Software Complete

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Corel Draw Graphics Suite X5 15.0.0 ++ Keygen

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Designed for professional and aspiring designers alike, it offers a quick, intuitive workflow, high-value digital content, market-leading file compatibility and graphic design tools that let you do more than you thought possible!

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Photoshop Tools III

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continuation of the Photoshop tools II
1. FillEdit> fillServes to give color in the whole area of ​​color selection or if no selection. Colors can be arranged in the windows of his options.
2. STROKEEdit> strokeServes to color the lines in the area of ​​selection. The thickness and color can be set in its options window.
3. TRANSFORMEdit> TransformThis tool is to transform the picture in a particular layer.Scale: to change the size of an imageRotate: To rotate a pictureSkew, distortion, perspective, warp: to change the form of an image according to our wishes.Rotate 180: to rotate the image 180 degrees.Rotate 90 CW: to rotate the image by 90 degrees clockwiseRotate 90 CCW: to rotate the image by 90 degrees anticlockwise.Flip Horizontal: Horizontal direction for memirror imageFlip Vertical: Vertical direction for memirror image.
4. MODEImage> ModeTo change the color system, including:- RGB: Red, Green, Blue- CMYK: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black- Grayscale: Black & White to color.
5. ADJUSTMENTImage> adjustmentsTo determine the brightness of the image (Brightness / Contrast. And can also to set the color (Hue / Saturation)
6. IMAGE SIZEImage> image sizeTo change the size of an image. The difference with the transform tool is changing the entire image size.
7. Canvas SizeImage> Canvas sizeTo change the size of the background. And this will create an image in the layer to be truncated.
8. Rotate CanvasImage> Rotate CanvasTo play along with the image background is in the image area.
9. InverseSelect> inverseTo select non-selection area before. This tool functions only if no image or selected layer.
10. FeatherSelect> FeatherTo refine or create blur an image that is already selected. This is usually used when the separation of an object image with its background.
11. EFFECTTool to create this effect is all in the filter toolbar.
12. RulerView> RulerTo display the size of the image area. Size can also be configured by right-clicking in the Ruler area of ​​the image will display a unit of measure to be used. Such as pixels, centimeters, inches, etc..If we drag the Ruler into the image area will display a help lines are bright blue. And these help lines will not be printed if we print.
13. SNAPView> snapTo place an image with a fitting in accordance with our wishes. If we drag a picture object and we have activated a snap tool, then we do not need to bother to put the image. We can place the image right in the middle, on the edge or on help lines.
14. Menampilakan TOOLTo display our tool by simply clicking on the toolbar windows will display a tool we will use. Such as layer, color, history, brushes etc..
If anyone is still lacking and would ask tools that have not understood, please ask directly through comments .

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Photoshop Tools II

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The connection of the photoshop tools first, now into the toolbox area. Toolbox function is very important because it allows us. The following will be explained on the functions of each of the tools found in Adobe Photoshop toolbox. For more details of how to use each tool will be explained separately.

* A.1. Marquee Tool
When we click the Marquee Tool we can see there are 4 types of marquee tool
1. Rectangular Marquee (Keyboard Shortcut: M, or Shift + M)
Used to create a rectangular selection area on the image.
2. Elliptical Marquee (Keyboard Shortcut: M, or Shift + M)
Used to create a elliptical selection area or circle on the image.
3. Single Row Marquee
Used to create a single line selection area on the image (size is 1 pixel high selection)
4. Single Column Marquee
Used to create a single column selection area on the image (size is 1 pixel wide selection.)
* A.2. Move Tool
Keyboard shortcut: V
Used to shift / move the selection, layers, and guides.
* A.3. Lasoo Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: L, or Shift + L to change the type of Lasoo) Consists of 3 types:
1. Lasoo
Used to create a selection area with free-form
2. Polygonal Lasoo
Used to create a polygon-shaped selection area
3. Magnetic Lasoo
Used to make the area selection by stick
edge selection in a specific area on the image.
* A.4. Magic Wand Tool
Keyboard Shortcut: W
Used to create an area that has a color selection serupa.Perbedaan color tolerances can be set on the tool bar option.
B. Crop & Slice Tool

* B.1. Crop Tool
Keyboard Shortcut: C
Used to trim the image (cut and remove certain areas of the image)
B.2. Slice Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: C, or Shift + K to change the slice)
Consisting of 2 types:
1. Slice Tool
Used to make the pieces of an image
2. Slice Select Tool
Used to select the pieces on an image
C. Retouching TOOL

* C.1. Patches / Healing Brush Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: A, or Shift + J to change the tool)
1. Patch Tool
Used to paint / paint in certain areas of the image with a pattern (pattern) or a particular sample. Suitable for memberbaiki broken images.
2. Healing Brush Tool
Used to paint / paint the image with a pattern or a particular sample. Suitable for improving the image a slightly damaged.
* C.2. Stamp Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: S, or Shift + S to change the tool) consists of 2 types:
1. Clone Stamp Tool
Used to paint a specific image with the sample image
2. Pattern Stamp Tool
Used to paint the image by using a specific pattern
* C.3. Eraser Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: E, or Shift + E to change the type of eraser)
Consists of 3 types:
1. Eraser
Used to remove the pixel image and restore it to a specific state.
2. Background Eraser
Used to remove certain areas of the image becomes transparent.
3. Magic Eraser
Used to remove certain areas of the image that have similar color to be transparent with one click.
* C.4. Sharpen, Blur, Smudge Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: R, or Shift + R)
1. Sharpen Tool
Used to sharpen certain areas on the image.
2. Blur Tool
Used to smooth / blur the specific area on the image.
3. Smudge Tool
Used to rub / smear certain areas on the image
* C.5. Dodge, Burn, Sponge Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: O, or Shift + O)
1. Dodge Tool
Used to describe the color in certain areas on the image
2. Burn Tool
Used to darken the colors in a certain area on image
3. Sponge Tool
Used to change the saturation in certain areas on the image.

* D.1. Brush Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: B, or Shift + B to change the tool) consists of 2 types:
1. Brush Tool
Used to paint the image with brush strokes
2. Pencil Tool
Used to paint the image with pencil scratches
* D.2. History Brush Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: Y, or Shift + Y to change the type)
Consisting of 2 types:
1. History Brush Tool
Used to paint the image using a snapshot or history state of Image
2. Art History Tool
Used to paint the image using a snapshot or state
history of the image, with a certain artistic model.
* D.3. Gradient, Paint Bucket Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: G, or Shift + G)
1. Gradient Tool
Used to paint the selected area (selected area) with
blend of many colors.
2. Paint Bucket Tool
Used to paint the selected area with foreground color
or a particular pattern.

1. E.1. Selection Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: A, or Shift + A to change the type) consists of 2 types:
1. Path Selection Tool
Used to perform the path selection
2. Direct Selection Tool
Used to change the anchor and direction points of paths.
E.2. Type Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: T, or Shift + T to change the type) Consists of 4 types:
1. Horizontal Type Tool
Used to make writing horizontally
2. Vertical Type Tool
Used to create vertical text
3. Horizontal Type Mask Tool
Used to make the selection form of writing horizontally
4. Vertical Type Mask Tool
Used to make the selection in a vertical form of writing
2. E.3. Pen Tool
1. Pen Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: P, or Shift + P)
Used to create a path with a smooth curved arch-
2. Freeform pen tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: P, or Shift + P)
Used to create free-shaped path (our liking)
3. Add Anchor Point Tool
Used to add an anchor point or points on the path editor
4. Delete Anchor Point Tool
Used to delete a specific anchor point on the path

5. Convert Point Tool
Used to change the anchor and the direction of certain points on the path

* E.4. Shape Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: U, or Shift + U to change the type)
1. Rectangle Tool
Used to draw a rectangular shape
2. Rounded Rectangle Tool
Used to draw a curved rectangular
3. Ellipse Tool
Used to draw the ellipse
4. Polygon Tool
Used to draw a polygon
5. Line Tool
Used to draw a straight line
6. Custom Shape Tool
Used to draw a particular shape from the list of existing forms
F. Annotation, Measuring & Navigation Tool

* F.1. Notes Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: N, or Shift + N to change the type)
1. Notes Tool
Used to make a note on the image such as copyright.
2. Audio AnnotationTool
Used to make a sound / audio on the image
* F.2. Eyedropper, Measure Tool
(Keyboard Shortcut: I, or Shift + I)
1. Eyedropper Tool
Used to take on the color sample for color image
2. Color Sampler Tool
Used to retrieve a variety of color samples in image
3. Measure Tool
Used to measure distances or angles on the image
* F.3. Hand Tool
Keyboard Shortcut: H
Used to shift / move the field of view image in the window view area.
* F.4. Zoom Tool
Keyboard Shortcut: Z
Used to increase or decrease the image display.
* F.5. Background and foreground color
In order to press the D then the default foreground and background color to white and black. To change the background color and foreground press the X button
* F.6. Normal and Quickmask Mode
Normal Mode: All functions such as the brush will go on as usual. Quickmask Mode: The function of brush can be used for selection cuman if after a selection process quickmask then its even on the outside.
* F.7. Screen Mode
To view the work area windows.

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Photoshop tools

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1. Files
Related to files such as save, open, export, import, and print.

2. Edit
Menu editing in general such as cut, copy, paste, transform image, and set preferences for Adobe Photoshop.

3. Image
Contains editing image to adjust color, hue / saturation, brightness / contrast, size.

4. Layer
In connection with the management layer in the image, such as adding layers, delete, add effects to layers, and masking.

5. Select
In connection with the selection image.

6. Filter
Associated with in Photoshop that can be used to give certain effects on the image.

7. View
Used to view settings such as image zooming, display scale, and so forth.

8. Window
Used to set / display window

9. Help
To display the help and tutorials Adobe Photoshop.
2. Tool Option Bar
Almost all tools on the Toolbox has the option, which is displayed on the Tool Options bar. Options are used to adjust parameter values ​​or

option from the tool is currently active / selected. For example:
Once the parameter values ​​on the tool bar option changed, (we can restore it again becomes the default value (original value). That is by selecting an existing tool icon on the left, then click the button. On the context menu that appears, choose Reset Tool to restore The default value of the currently selected tool. If you want to restore the default values ​​of all tools, choose Reset All Tools ..

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Know about Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop, called Photoshop, is a software made ​​by Adobe Systems image editor specialized for editing photos / drawings and manufacturing effects. This software is widely used by digital photographers and advertising company that is considered as the market leader (market leader) to the image processing software / photos, and, along with Adobe Acrobat, is regarded as the best product ever produced by Adobe Systems. Eighth version of this application is called by the name of Photoshop CS (Creative Suite), version called Adobe Photoshop CS2 nine, ten version called Adobe Photoshop CS3, is the eleventh version of Adobe Photoshop CS4 and the latest version (twelve) is Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Photoshop is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Mac OS, version 9 upwards can also be used by other operating systems such as Linux using software such as CrossOver ..

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Photoshop Work Area

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information :
A : Menu
B : Tool Option Bar
C : Pallete Well
D : Toolbox
E : Status Bar
F : Area Gambar
G : From top to bottom : navigation palette, color palette, history palette dan layer palette

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Tsunami Jepang | Tsunami Papua | Tsunami Manado

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foto tsunami jepang , tsunami jepang, tsunami papuaVideo Japanese Tsunami - The consequences of the earthquake that mengocang Tokyo and surrounding area with earthquake force 8.8 Richter Scale (SR) on Friday (March 11, 2011) yesterday caused devastating tsunami in Japan, even the tsunami japanese also spread to several locations in Indonesia. Especially in the area of Papua.

As a result of the tsunami Japan also makes the area west papua Tsunami affected by it, precisely in the area of Manokwari, Jayapura and Sorong. Here are details of the approximate time of the tsunami in Papua and Maluku:
- Manokwari, West Papua, at 18:18
- Jayapura, Papua, 18:35 pm
- Sorong, Papua, 18:35 pm
- Berebere, North Maluku, at 17:58 pm

According to the agency penjelasaan Pacific Tsunami Warning Center based in Hawaii to predict the tsunami would arrive in Jayapura, Papua, 18:35 am Western Indonesian Time or 20:35 am Eastern Indonesian Time. Even the tsunami will occur sequentially in the region are also Russian, United States, Taiwan, Guam, the Philippines, Nauru, and Solomon Islands. And also generated 8.8 earthquake in northern Japan at 12:46 pm and will continue to move northward due to the slab of sea water depth of japan is enormous and will lead to a more terrible tsunami again
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Ford Fiesta – price and specification Ford Fiesta

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Latest Ford cars (Ford Fiesta) - Ford succeeded in launching its car city car named the FORD FIESTA, car ford city car output is able to compete with other city car city car Especially the Honda Jazz and Honda New Accord Facelift. Ford Fiesta is more elegant and exclusive display for the driver of this car. For options type Ford Fiesta is beberpa type of standard class or upper-class type, where the price of Ford Fiesta range from 170-215 million.

Take the example ford fiesta for type Ford Fiesta MkVI 1.4 A / T, have the car specifications as follows:
Engine: 1388 cc 4-cylinder, 96 hp
Maximum torque: 128 rpm Nm/4.200
0-100 km / h: 13.9 seconds (claimed)
Fuel consumption combined: 17.46 km / l (claim)
P x L x H: 4067 x 1772 x 1481 mm
Wheelbase: 2489 mm
Ford Fiesta Price MkVI: approximately USD 192 million (estimate)

Of course this type Ford Fiesta will be attractive package on the market Compact Hatchback country. And also ford fiesta also has some features and appearance of the outer will have slight differences, such as the front bumper shape and the rim of course. Where is the Ford Fiesta has a more attractive appearance and sporty city car than any other brand. Besides having a mainstay color orange, a large air hole design with a honey comb in the front bumper looks very sporty and sleek.

Specifications of the most exciting Ford Fiesta close attention to luxury car enthusiasts is the presence of the facility features voice command. Yaang allows for you just give orders in English, then the computer will translate it as work orders. As with choosing a song, move the radio frequency, to connect the phone to the number you want, so do not bother you while driving a car.

For audio facilities do not doubt, because Ford Fiesta provides a matching audio elements, the head unit is integrated into Ford's choice. But what makes the Ford Fiesta is more superior than any other car is equipped with this device has a myriad of features in it, such as Bluetooth wireless connectivity, iPod ready and aux-in jack. The resulting sound quality audio system with 6 speakers in the interior sound very good for standard size. Similarly, the interior material quality is impressive luxury and elegance
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