Photoshop Tools III

Posted by mohammad wahyudi putra on Thursday, March 17, 2011

continuation of the Photoshop tools II
1. FillEdit> fillServes to give color in the whole area of ​​color selection or if no selection. Colors can be arranged in the windows of his options.
2. STROKEEdit> strokeServes to color the lines in the area of ​​selection. The thickness and color can be set in its options window.
3. TRANSFORMEdit> TransformThis tool is to transform the picture in a particular layer.Scale: to change the size of an imageRotate: To rotate a pictureSkew, distortion, perspective, warp: to change the form of an image according to our wishes.Rotate 180: to rotate the image 180 degrees.Rotate 90 CW: to rotate the image by 90 degrees clockwiseRotate 90 CCW: to rotate the image by 90 degrees anticlockwise.Flip Horizontal: Horizontal direction for memirror imageFlip Vertical: Vertical direction for memirror image.
4. MODEImage> ModeTo change the color system, including:- RGB: Red, Green, Blue- CMYK: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black- Grayscale: Black & White to color.
5. ADJUSTMENTImage> adjustmentsTo determine the brightness of the image (Brightness / Contrast. And can also to set the color (Hue / Saturation)
6. IMAGE SIZEImage> image sizeTo change the size of an image. The difference with the transform tool is changing the entire image size.
7. Canvas SizeImage> Canvas sizeTo change the size of the background. And this will create an image in the layer to be truncated.
8. Rotate CanvasImage> Rotate CanvasTo play along with the image background is in the image area.
9. InverseSelect> inverseTo select non-selection area before. This tool functions only if no image or selected layer.
10. FeatherSelect> FeatherTo refine or create blur an image that is already selected. This is usually used when the separation of an object image with its background.
11. EFFECTTool to create this effect is all in the filter toolbar.
12. RulerView> RulerTo display the size of the image area. Size can also be configured by right-clicking in the Ruler area of ​​the image will display a unit of measure to be used. Such as pixels, centimeters, inches, etc..If we drag the Ruler into the image area will display a help lines are bright blue. And these help lines will not be printed if we print.
13. SNAPView> snapTo place an image with a fitting in accordance with our wishes. If we drag a picture object and we have activated a snap tool, then we do not need to bother to put the image. We can place the image right in the middle, on the edge or on help lines.
14. Menampilakan TOOLTo display our tool by simply clicking on the toolbar windows will display a tool we will use. Such as layer, color, history, brushes etc..
If anyone is still lacking and would ask tools that have not understood, please ask directly through comments .

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